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History of releases:

  • FarmerGPS 5.12.7

  • Released April 2013

    Changes from 5.12.6 to 5.12.7:
    - Improving FreePilot performance
    - Correction in equipment size configuration
    - Correction for Google Earth Export in russian
    - Adding French-Canada option

    Changes from 5.11.0 to 5.12.6:
    - Adding PID control options to autosteer
    - Ability to specify a color for each boom/section
    - Some RMC do not contain speed information, speed is now calculated when RMC speed is zero

    Changes from 5.10.6 to 5.11.0:
    - Autosteer FreePilot ready!
    - Multi shape file import option
    - Improvements of shape file handling
    - More color options (use shift + Q,W,E or R)
    - Speed may be displayed on main screen
    - Tested on Windows 8 - 32-bit and 64-bit
    - lots of other small improvements

    Changes from 5.10.2 to 5.10.6:
    - Fixed: Navigate to did not show points created via F5 or F6 - Added "Create records.txt" option back in based on customer requests. The program will keep a simple overview log in records.txt if this option is checked.

    Changes from 5.10.0 to 5.10.2:
    - Fixed: French version did not load AB-lines from file. - Fixed: Preloading application data from xml file failed.

    Changes from 5.9.5 to 5.10.0:
    - On new Win7 installs, the creation of c:\gpslog caused a program abort, now data is created in the users application data folder.

    Changes from 5.9.3 to 5.9.5:
    - Added more logging information for auto-boom feature
    - Map file contains information when auto-boom was utilized

    Changes from 5.8.2 to 5.9.3:
    - A Windows "Device change" method had the potential to disconnect some USB devices
    - Shape file load performance improvement

    Changes from 5.8.2 to 5.8.3:
    - GPS serial out feature added
    - Area counters for addional color choices via SHIFT+Q,W,E,R

    Changes from 5.7.2 to 5.8.2:
    - More color choices via SHIFT+Q,W,E,R
    - Color number added at bottom of screen
    - automatic re-connect on USB port loss

    Changes from 5.7.1 to 5.7.2:
    - Shape file support improvements
    - Google polyline support added
    - Guideline ON/OFF per equipment ON/OFF enhanced
    - Higher area counter updates

    Changes from 5.6.9 to 5.7.1:
    - Main screen drawing improvements
    - Kit108 changes
    - New area and distance measurement feature
    - Russian translation
    - Improved navbar guidance
    - spacebar for F2 function
    - Receiver GlobalSat 353 added

    Changes from 5.5.0 to 5.6.9:
    - Performance increase loading large files
    - Google Earth offset feature

    Changes from 5.3.1 to 5.5.0:
    - Fix for point deletion
    - Kit108 improvements

    Changes from 5.1.1 to 5.3.1:
    - Fix for equipment setup
    - Fix for accuracy test and the position count

    Changes from 5.0.28 to 5.1.1:
    - Shape imports improved and menu simplified
    - Google polygon import improved
    - Playback feature allows playing back existing log files
    - Automatic initiliazation for Wintec G-Rays 1 receiver added
    - Waypoint import option
    - Office 2010 supported
    - OpenOffice 3.3 supported
    - Weather option added!
    - Lots of other smaller improvements and bug fixes

  • FarmerGPS 4.14

  • Released Feb 2010

  • FarmerGPS 4.12

    • Win7 64 bit licensing issues corrected

  • FarmerGPS 4.11

    • Ability to load background data files.
    • Removing timing issues on antenna connection
    • Backup menu option
    • Ability to load background data
    • More features on reporting
    • Smaller bug fixes e.g.: Read and append
    • Export to shape path contains metadata information

  • FarmerGPS 4.9.5

    • Changed receiver watchdog timer to combat "LOST CONNECTION" occurances

  • FarmerGPS 4.9.3

    • Bug fix for USB-interface readings
    • More Raven controller support
    • Application data menu feature
    • Ability to create MicroTrak log

  • FarmerGPS 4.8.10

    • Correction potential data-loss after an unexpected program shutdown e.g. power failure
  • FarmerGPS 4.8.7

    • Correction for Windows 64-bit not showing hardware-id
    • OpenOffice Calc integration
    • Shapefile point export data extensions
    • Reads AgLeader SMS files
    • Corrected exception in "Specific Field records" option

  • FarmerGPS Version 4.8.0
    • Guideline in contour mode
    • Micro-Trak controller integration
    • Boom drawing enhancements
    • Data file compression
    • Google KMZ file export option
    • Menu option to delete old data files
    • Ability to log points with comments
    • Ability to log points with right mouse click anywhere on the screen, not just at actual position
    • Ability to remove/edit existing points
    • Ability to review GPS data with simple right mouse click
    • GPS simulation mode enhanced
    • Screen font size options
    • Ability to read ArcView prescription maps

  • FarmerGPS Version 4.1.4
    Released August 12, 2008 Version
    • Excel 2007 field report option in addition to the previous Excel 2003
    • Correction for field report data

  • FarmerGPS Version 4.0.15
    Released May 23, 2008
    • adds the Raven SCS4000 as an integration option.

  • FarmerGPS Version 4.0.14
    • HW-ID on Win98 was blank, will now show correct ID
    • Field records break analysis showed 6 min breaks only, now lists correct breaks and time
    • AB-line navigation distance had an inaccuracy when zooming in and out

  • New in 4.0 :
    • Support for up to 10 booms with the new FGPS USB-interface.
    • Always travel up feature! Automatic turning of your screen so that you always travel up on the screen. Configurable to North always being up.
    • Improved performance
    • Enhanced Google Earth KML-path options
    • Average speed available as a display option
    • Average performance for area/h available as a display option
    • Estimated completion time for current field available as a display option
    • New Export shape file POINTS feature
    • Option to switch equipment selection via USB-interface during field operation
    • Sprayer bar option. Displays equipment sections (booms) ON/OFF status in status bar on main screen
    • Rotate option for completed field operations on screen allows better printouts of narrow fields
    • Settable area per field
    • Ability to show prescription maps (from shape files)
    • Quick addition of new fields (click on "Field:" on main screen provides field entry screen)

  • FarmerGPS Version 3.5.7 (minor upgrade to 3.5.6)
    Released Jan 24, 2008
    • The Setup form had to be resized in Windows Vista. Form size corrected.
  • FarmerGPS Version 3.5.6
    Released Nov 21, 2007
    • Added a font size selection to increase font size on main information bar (speed etc.)
    • Google Earth shape file export will now create placemarks for slough and bush areas incl. area size.
    • Sound files for left/right may be enabled
    • A USB find button will search for installed USB/RS232 converters and display the associated ports.
    • Support for Raven 440 serial port integration! FarmerGPS will read rates directly through the serial port form the Raven 440 controller and display different colors for the rates.
    • 3.5.5 had a bug in the selection of the Raven 440 or the interface box. Corrected in 3.5.6
  • FarmerGPS Version 3.4.6
    Released Aug 1, 2007
    • NMEA checksum verification before processing antenna information
    • Same laptops had issues keeping serial reference signal at correct levels for the FarmerGPS interface box. 3.4.6 contains a software fix for these laptops.
  • FarmerGPS Version 3.4.2
    Released June 25, 2007
    • Bug fix for multiple equipment choices in one operation file
    • Bug fix for area counters
    • F3 feature for moving last AB-line to current position
    • Bug fix for angle calculation on AB-lines
    • Save as feature to allow the saving of joined data files
    • Preference file is now stored in data directory, future upgrades can keep preference settings
  • FarmerGPS Version 3.4.1
    Released June 21, 2007
    • Bug fix for date in main form title
    • Bug fix for feet to meter conversion in Setup/Equipment offsets
    • Second column feature for touch screens
    • Zoom in/out buttons for touch screen
    • Auto start option to start recording automatically
  • FarmerGPS Version 3.3.0:
    Released May 21, 2007
    • Bug fix for date in main form title
    • Bug fix for feet to meter conversion in Setup/Equipment offsets
    • Second column feature for touch screens
    • Zoom in/out buttons for touch screen
    • Auto start option to start recording automatically
  • FarmerGPS Version 3.1.2:
    Released March 23, 2007
    • Bug fix for unhandled exception, kicking you out of FarmerGPS
    • Bug fix for AB-points buttons on touchscreen interface. Buttons could not be deselected.
    • Simplified field and equipment configurations
    • Field split option (function keys F9/F10) now use AB-line guidance
  • FarmerGPS Version 3.1:
    Released Feb 26, 2007
    • Optional AB-line navigation mode
    • Restructered menu items
    • Menu option to save map as JPEG file
    • Guidance at headlands for simpler equipment alignment
    • Equipment side offset available
    • Bug fix for equipment setup on boom selection
    • Interface box read in simulation mode
    • Support for negative offset to allow for equipment in front of antenna location
  • FarmerGPS Version
    Released Nov 15, 2006
    • Bug fixes
  • FarmerGPS Version
    Released Oct 26, 2006
    • First release of 3.0
    New features in 3.x:
    • Support for up to 3 booms ON/OFF drawing.
      Combined with the interface box FarmerGPS will now detect ON/OFF settings of up to 3 booms and draw accordingly.
    • Record keeping.
      FarmerGPS will keep track of your operation and keep a record.log file. An entry screen allows to extend automatically collected data. This file provides an overview for data such as: field operations on which date, for how long, herbicides or seed used, weather conditions, acres covered etc.
      It also contains calculated values for average speed and coverage.
    • F11 redraw performance enhancements:
      Swapping between a field overview and pass to pass viewing could take up to 2-3s on large fields. This is reduced to 0.5 s! (measured on same laptop specs)
    • Many more configuration options.
      Display theoretical coverage, disable navigation bar, auto connect on startup, keep auto-records,...
    • Metric support for hectare, meter, km/h
    • Browsing to "old" FarmerGPS log files
    • Support for touchsreen laptops
    • Equipment offset
      Stored on a per equipment bases, FarmerGPS will draw equipment coverage with an offset to the antenna location. Your antenna may be on the tractor, your equipment is 15' behind you.
    • Support for international region settings
      FarmerGPS 2.x would not work on European regional settings.

  • FarmerGPS Version
    Released May 26, 2006
    - Fixed slow redraw

  • FarmerGPS Version 2.2.6:
    - Fixed log file entry. Equipmentsize was not recorded, thus reading a log file takes a long time.

  • FarmerGPS Version 2.2.5:
    Released April 18,2006
    - Fixed Setup menu bug. In the setup equipment and field information was not changeable. By editing the field.txt and equipment.txt files there was a simple workaround, however Version 2.2.5 fixes this issue.

  • FarmerGPS Version 2.2.0:
    Released March 18,2006
    Added new features:
    - Simple accuracy test for your GPS-receiver.
    - Ability to use different colors for sections of your field. It allows you to mark areas where you used different seed, different fertilizer rates or herbicide rates.