Installed GPS antenna
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Features we consider essential for GPS guidance

  • 3D perspective view (version 5) or birdseye view (version 4):
    Light bars are OK for rectangular fields without sloughs or bush. They can tell you only 3 things - whether you're off course to the left, off course to the right, or on course, as you make parallel passes across a field. FarmerGPS does provide left/right directions but combines this with a birdseye view. FarmerGPS does tell you:
    • Where you are in the field
    • What parts you covered
    • Overlaps
    • Misses
    • Where you marked a spot e.g. weed patch, stone, etc.
    • Exact speed
    • Area counts for total area as well as worked area. With 2 counters, you may also reset one at every seeder fill to know when you can expect another stop.
    • Combined with the birds-eye view the navigation bar directs you to go left or right. With the combination you are able to tell "why" and if you maybe want to disregard and have a a slight overlap just to straighten out the current pass.
    Large screen
    • Being able to see the field overview
    • See what's coming next
    Touchscreen support
    • You may configure FarmerGPS for one or two rows of buttons with customizable functionality on the right side of the screen.
    • Using a touchscreen you have simple access these buttons.

    True Guidance
    • Seeing curves, misses, what's coming ahead
    • Visual indication for overlaps and gaps, paired with left/right instructions
    Marking positions
    • The ability to mark positions with an image icon. (flag pole by default)
    • 2 different icons are available (for weeds and rocks as an example). Custom images may be used.
    AB-line guidance
    • By default FarmerGPS uses contour mode, however AB-line guidance is also available.
    • Simply click "A" on your keyboard to create an A-point and click "B" for the B-point.
    • FarmerGPS guides you to the AB-line references
    • AB-points may also be added manually.
    • A B-point may be created automatically by providing an A-point and an angle
    • You can go back to any of the AB-lines created in the field
    • A click on F3 allows you to move the latest AB-line to your current position. This allows a quick adjustment while operating.
    Guidance for splitting a field
    • FarmerGPS allows you to create a straight West-East or North-South guideline from your current position.
    Guidance for equipment realignment when turning at the headlands
    • FarmerGPS will create guide lines when the equipment is turned OFF.
    • The automatic creation makes it easy to turn around, line-up the equipment for the next pass and go back into contour mode
    • Integrating to your seeding or spraying equipment so that ON/OFF is recognized by your laptop and the FarmerGPS application.
    Marking different areas of your field
    • 4 different colors for marking areas of your field
    • Key Q, W, E and R toggle different colors
    • Allows you to mark areas where you used different seed, different seed rates, different fertilizer rates or different herbicide rates (just examples)
    • birdcolor (39K)
    Data storage
    • Being able to go back to a field a day or a month later and knowing where you have left off
    • Being able to save GPS data on a field by field bases.
    • Being able to print an overview on your home printer
    • If you create data on several units you can also join these data files to one complete operational file.
    Record keeping
    • Automatic record keeping for field, operation, start-stop times, areas covered, average speed etc.
    • Allows you to add any text as extra data for field operation e.g. "Seeded HRS Wheat Barry at x lb/acre, ground was very dry, seeded at 2" depth"
    Area calculation
    • Automatic calculation of the field area after the first outside pass
    • 2 running area counters show covered area
    • Print or save images directly from within FarmerGPS
    Shape file support
    • FarmerGPS supports the import of shape files displaying the exact boundaries of your field
    • Helps in driving at night avoiding sloughs etc.
    • You can also create shape files from operational data. Data includes total area calculations minus areas such as sloughs, bush etc.