Installed GPS antenna
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GPS receivers

Novatel Smart-AG
Specification on the Novatel Smart-AG can be found at
The Novatel Smart-AG is automatically configured by selecting the "Novatel Smart-AG" in the FarmerGPS setup.
This antenna is also part of the complete package offerings.

Outback (S and S2)
The Outback devices have a serial port on the right side. Order a PC connection cable for the serial port from your Outback dealer to go to your laptop (this should be a straight through serial cable, however I have not been able to confirm this!) and configure the following NMEA sequences to be send:

  • RMC at 5 Hz intervals. RMC provides latitude and longitude values
  • GGA is only required for the number of satellites and altitude. It is not essential, set to 1 Hz.

See Outback S manual here. Page 14 shows configuration settings for COM port 1 on the Outback.

FarmerGPS & Outback S2

EZ-Guide integration

  • Go to Config->Lightbar->Data Port Settings
  • set input to none
  • leave 8N1 alone
  • set baud to highest setting (38400?)
  • set output to 5Hz
  • leave GGA precision at 7
  • go to the exit and scroll up until it says NMEA output, select.
  • change VTG to off
  • change RMC to on

  • Starfire/Greenstar
    The StarFire provides GPS information to GreenStar components through the CAN bus. StarFire can also send GPS information to other controllers (non-John Deere) through RS232. The NMEA 0183 strings that are capable of being included in an RS232 signal from StarFire include GGA, GSA, RMC, ZDA, & VTG strings.
    (FarmerGPS requires RMC and GGA. Turning off extra info always helps as your laptop has less to process, it may however not be necessary)
  • RMC at 5 Hz intervals. RMC provides latitude and longitude values
  • GGA is only required for the number of satellites and altitude. Its not essential, set to every 2s.

  • There are 2 ways you can change the NMEA Strings and Baud Rates for RS232 on a StarFire receiver.

    1. Hook the StarFire and a GreenStar Display up to a GreenStar Harness. Go To Setup – StarFire – Page 2, the information on this page is the RS232 information. You can change the following RS232 output settings on this page.

    Serial Port Baud Rate 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 (select 19200 or even 38400, the faster the data comes to FarmerGPS the better)
    • Serial Port Output Rate 1, 5
    • Serial Port Message GGA on/off (ON)
    • Serial Port Message GSA on/off (OFF)
    • Serial Port Message RMC on/off (ON)

    2. Hook the StarFire up to a computer with Laptop Harness, Part number PF80388 (MIB 00-10-11), and utilize a program called “StarFire Desktop Configurator” (sometimes called “StarFire Config”) which is available from When this program is communicating with the StarFire, the NMEA strings, Baud rate, and position update rate (hertz) can be changed.


    • StarFire Configurator is not compatible with TCM Today. When hooking a StarFire up to a Laptop for use of Configurator use the PF80364, StarFire Extension Harness.

    • Turning NMEA strings off or changing the Baud rate only affects the information from the StarFire on RS232. The StarFire data on CAN is not affected.



    Laptop mount

    Installing FarmerGPS on your laptop is as simple as running FarmerGPS.msi. Installing the hardware however requires a little work.

    The photos below show some laptop mounts. I have used some light square tubing and welded the mount based on the sizes of the laptop. In order to keep the laptop cooler, I recommend leaving the back somewhat open as can be seen on my pictures. The laptop is mounted in a full upright position.
    There are also laptop mounts available from various sites. Simply do a search on "laptop mounts".

    At the bottom you can see some thick foam to soften the vibrations of the tractor. I use a simple strap to keep the laptop in place and to allow easy removal.

    Challenger Tractor Laptop mount
    John Deere GPS and Raven controller
    Customer in France Samsung Q1

    Novatel GPS receiver mount

    The picture on the left shows the GPS receiver mount on the top of the cab. The Novatel receiver will simply screw onto the bolt seen in the center (1" fine thread).

    The GPS receiver must be installed in the center of your tractor/sprayer. Further to the front or back does not matter, left or right however does! (since you would create an offset to your center)